5 Easy Ways to Make Steamed Vegetables Delicious

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5 Easy Ways to Make Steamed Vegetables Delicious

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During the cold winter months, when most salad greens are weary and wilted, a raw salad is sometimes the last thing anyone wants to eat. So what dish to turn to that’s healthy, tasty and quick to put together? Steamed vegetables, which can be dressed just as a salad is, are a perfect stand-in. With a flavorful dressing, they make a warming light meal or a side dish to anything you’re making for dinner.

The dressing can be made while the vegetables steam and then be drizzled over or tossed with the vegetables while they’re still warm — the result is simple and delicious. Try steaming different colored carrots, broccolini, butternut squash, sweet potato, radishes and a variety of greens, like kale, collards or Swiss chard. Add the sturdier vegetables to the steamer first, and once they’re just cooked through, add broccoli and dark leafy greens, steaming until bright green and tender. Transfer to a bowl immediately and dress with any of the five dressings below. To dial up the interest or turn the vegetables into a complete meal, throw in some toasted nuts or seeds, chopped scallions and parsley, cooked chickpeas or avocado.

Five Dressings for Steamed Vegetables

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