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5 Ways to Eat More Alterna-Grains


Rice is over. Couscous is passe. It’s all about alterna-grains these days. But don’t just stock your pantry with these exotic-sounding carbs and hope for the best. Those wheat berries won’t cook themselves! Here’s what to do with your kitchen’s latest grainy guest stars.

Triple Herb Freekeh (above)
Get your freekeh on! In a simple dish like this one, which is simply grains, onions, herbs and a light lemon dressing, the type of grain you use makes all the difference. Chewy, nutty freekeh (roasted green wheat) will make this one a standout.

Barley with Bacon, Peas and Dill
This might just be the most kid-friendly whole-grain dish of the bunch. Plus, it’s endlessly versatile, so you can customize it for even the pickiest eaters — swap peas for carrots, broccoli, spinach, or any other vegetable you can sneak in after the word “bacon.”

Whole-Grain Greek Meatloaf
In a departure from conventional meatloaf, the backbone of this dish a flavorful mixture of onion and spices plus a hearty dose of bulgur wheat that is soaked until soft and doesn’t require any additional cooking before being baked in the meatloaf.

grain meatloaf

Wheat Berry Salad
If you are ever stranded on …read more