7 Salads That Know How to Celebrate Summer Fruit

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7 Salads That Know How to Celebrate Summer Fruit

arugula and strawberry salad

Sweet strawberries. Juicy peaches. Luscious mango. If you’re looking for ways to upgrade a salad, fruits in their prime are an excellent place to start.

Figs: Fig, Bacon and Frisee Salad
Sweet figs are at hitting their stride right about now — and are the perfect complement to bitter greens, bacon and black pepper in this frisee salad.

Honeydew Melon: Honeydew and Arugula Salad
Here, honeydew melon sweetens up peppery arugula. Melon slices are pureed with fresh herbs, a bit of mayo and lime juice, creating a refreshing dressing that gets tossed with the greens and additional melon pieces.
honeydew and arugula salad

Mango: Mango and Cucumber Rice Salad
Not your average grain salad, this sweet-spicy adaptation calls upon mango, cucumber, jalapeno, scallions, fresh cilantro and roasted peanuts — all tossed with rice and quinoa.
mango rice salad

Peaches: Tomato and Peach Salad with Ricotta
This restaurant-quality salad is easy to pull off at home. Boiling the peaches and tomatoes helps bring out their natural sweetness while pureeing basil with olive oil, salt and pepper creates a pesto-like sauce that keeps things fresh (and fancy). A dollop of ricotta cheese topped with toasted almond slivers …read more