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A Whole New World of Whole-Grain Breakfasts

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By now, most people know that increasing their intake of whole grains can help them reap more nutrients, lose weight, lower levels of “bad” cholesterol and support digestive health. But in the kitchen, some cooks find it hard to get excited about what can easily pass as boring piles of drab grains — the likes of brown rice, oats, bulgur and amaranth. In her new book Whole-Grain Mornings, author Megan Gordon helps readers do just that.

A Seasonal Breakfast Book
Whole-Grain Mornings gives readers dozens of recipes categorized by seasonal trends and ingredients. Recipe sections are further divided into those that can be made on busy weekdays and those that are more labor-intensive.

Helpful introductory chapters and headnotes point out the natural variations of different whole grains and how the cooking times, yields and textures vary — part of the beauty of these ingredients.

Readers will also find gluten-free grain options, charts explaining proper ratios of grains to cooking liquids, plus tips for grain storage (good news — you can freeze cooked grains).

Recipe Highlights
Recipes feature a happy medium of butter and full-fat dairy, along with natural sweeteners and of course, whole grains; not because the author’s intention was make any kind …read more