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Grocery Store Traps to Avoid

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You probably head to the store with the best of intentions — namely, to buy only the freshest healthiest food, stick to your list and stay within your budget. But by the time you reach the cashier, your cart inevitably holds several impulsive, and possibly less healthy, purchases. It’s not entirely your fault. Grocery stores have several tricks they use to tempt us to spend more and buy more than we bargained for. Here are a few sneaky things to look out for on your next shopping trip.

Pricing schemes: Signs that boldly announce “5 for $5″ apparently sound too good to pass up. A study done at the Cornell Food and Brand Lab found that promotions that use numbers are hard for customers to resist. Whether it’s pushing multiple units, limiting the amount you can purchase, or suggesting things like “buy 10 for your freezer,” these sorts of schemes can increase purchases by anywhere from 30 to 105 percent.

End-of-aisle displays: We’ve all been told to mostly shop the perimeter of the store. That’s where you find fresh produce, dairy and meats, as opposed to the more processed and packaged stuff that lines the aisles. So in order to get you …read more