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Simply Recipes Favorite Cookbooks of 2017

2017 Favorite Cookbooks

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Cookbooks. We anticipate their arrival. We love them and cook from them, splattering their pages. They pile up on our counters, bookshelves, and nightstands. They become our trusted advisors, friends in the kitchen.

Mercifully, even in the age of the Internet and websites like ours, people are still buying – and loving — cookbooks.

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Holiday Pinwheel Cookies

Holiday Pinwheel Cookies

When I was working on my cookbook Marbled, Swirled, and Layered, I had to make some tough choices about which recipes to keep and which to let go. The cookie chapter was pretty overloaded as it was, and some recipes ended up falling by the wayside.

Red and white pinwheel cookies were one of them. And that's too bad because they are a classic holiday cookie that everyone should learn to make.

But today is your lucky day! I'm resurrecting the recipe and sharing it with you.

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Crispy, Golden Turkey Skin: 4 Methods Put to the Test (and One Winner!)

I've been wrist deep in the business end of chickens all week. I'm on a quest to determine the best way to achieve perfect deep, golden, crispy skin, both for our everyday roast chickens and also for that bird of all birds — the Thanksgiving turkey.

Why? A well-roasted bird makes an undeniably beautiful presentation on your holiday table. Also, of course, the snap of salty, crisp skin with each tender morsel of meat is a little bite of heaven. In the end, we want a bird with tender, flavorful meat, and deeply golden, crispy skin. The goal is to inject the meat with moisture while eliminating it from the skin.

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