All the Healthy Ways to Be Sweet on Summer Produce

berry cheesecake tart

Don’t forget about dessert. These recipes — putting summer fruits front and center — give you just the excuse you’ve been waiting for.

Black and Blue Cheesecake Tart
Blackberries and blueberries co-star in this luscious cheesecake. With all of the antioxidants going on here, you’ll be fighting free radicals while simultaneously poking your fork into a graham-cracker crust.

Individual Peach Cobblers
Easily cobble together this peachy sensation, then sit back and rejoice in the fact that flaxseeds in the topping are delivering an Omega-3 boost.

Strawberry Shortcakes
Upgrade your standard strawberry shortcakes with this nutty twist. Almonds add an unexpected crunch while zingy lemon zest and buttermilk raise the stakes on these buttery cakes.
strawberry shortcake
Blueberry Compote
Get your daily dose of blueberries in this no-brainer recipe — it’ll take just five minutes to make.
blueberry compote
Zucchini Bread
Is zucchini taking over your fridge? Quick bread to the rescue! Tart apple butter sweetens the deal. (Botanically speaking, zucchini is a fruit, not a vegetable. File under “mind blown.”)
Grilled Plums
Plums are up in your grill — and loving the spotlight. Drizzle some yogurt sauce on top to cool things …read more