Coconut Butter is the New Coconut Oil (Plus: How to Make Coconut Fudge)

coconut butter

People often confuse coconut butter with coconut oil. Coconut oil contains only the oil from the coconut, whereas coconut butter is made from coconut flesh, so it retains more nutrients. Coconut butter is made by blending dried coconut into a paste-like consistency that is similar in texture to nut butter.

You can use coconut butter the same way you would use regular butter — spread it on warm toast or add it to soups or smoothies. Try melting a spoonful into carrot, sweet potato or squash soup to enrich the flavor and texture. When blended into smoothies, coconut butter adds body and provides a delicate richness that goes well with anything from berries to chocolate. But unlike coconut oil, coconut butter isn’t recommended for sauteing or roasting, as it burns easily.

Coconut butter can be found — usually on the same shelf as the coconut oil or nearby — at health-food stores and markets like Whole Foods (Artisana makes a good one). Or it can be made at home by blending (at least 2 cups) full-fat, unsweetened dried coconut in a food processor until smooth. It takes about 10 minutes of blending and scraping down the sides to achieve a …read more