Comfort Food Mash-Ups, Remixed: Mac ‘n’ Cheese + French Onion Soup

Surfing the wave of mash-up mania that brought the world the Cronut™ and Ramen Burger, we decided to beat the winter by partnering with our brilliant culinary team in order to come up with THE most-indulgent comfort food. Together with Food Network, we’ve mashed up some classic comfort foods in unique — and dare we say, mind-blowing — ways. Over the next several weeks, we’ll be revealing the ways we mixed and remixed some of our favorite dishes, with one recipe appearing on Cooking Channel and the other on Food Network.

When we think of comfort food, the first things that come to mind are soup, cheese and pasta. It’s even better when a dish combines the filling, warming bounty into one awesome dish. Thus mac and cheese — the ultimate high-brow/low-brow craveable pasta — and French onion soup (those cheesy crouton-topped crocks) form this week’s melty mash-up.

If you’ve ever been faced with a bowl of mac and cheese that is simply too dry, you’ll appreciate the intentional soupiness of this clever casserole. To merge these comforting classics, we tucked tender caramelized onions and meaty beef-and-Worcestershire soup broth in a baking dish along with the two-cheese macaroni. …read more