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DIY Hummus from the Silk Road Vegetarian Cookbook


These days, it’s all the rage to join a community supported agriculture plan, or CSA. But as recently as 2008, it wasn’t quite as easy. That was the year Dahlia Abraham-Klein, frustrated with the lack of locally sourced food in her Long Island, NY, town, gathered enough signatures to start a CSA out of her garage.

But when her 40 members received crates of rutabaga and had no idea how to cook them, Abraham-Klein – a junior high school science teacher and graduate of the Natural Gourmet Institute – realized she might need to dig a little deeper. A vegetarian who grew up in Queens on the foods of the Silk Road, Abraham-Klein started a newsletter called Food for Thought and filled it with recipes from her childhood: fragrant herb stews, jeweled rice dishes, hearty dips and fresh salads — all of which put to good use those crates of craggy vegetables.

Her first cookbook, Silk Road Vegetarian, out this month and based on that original newsletter, is a thoughtful and delicious collection of gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan recipes celebrating the foods of the Silk Road and drawing on her family’s culinary roots in Central Asia, India and …read more