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Healthy Food That Doesn’t Cost a Fortune? Yes, Please.

pork chops

Healthy eating can stir up images of six-dollar pints of organic strawberries or another day of steamed vegetables. But the truth is, you can eat well without breaking the bank by implementing a few strategies.

Buy in Bulk
Want to have nutritious meals all week long and save money in the process? You can accomplish both by either creating a list of your favorite meal staples or selecting a couple of recipes to prepare and then hitting the grocery store or warehouse (i.e. Costco, BJ’s, etc.) to stock up. This list of Ten Wholesome Foods for Under $3 is a great starting point. I would add canned fish (sardines, tuna, etc.) to the list.

Don’t Forget the Freezer
Frozen vegetables and fruits provide fresh, nutritious produce for less. Even proteins such as fish and shellfish can be purchased in bulk frozen. And once you buy and cook, store the leftovers in the freezer for easy go-to meals that cost nothing, since you already made them.

Chicken Stir-Fry with Frozen Corn
chicken stir-fry

Embrace the Season
When choosing fresh produce, let the season be your guide — you’ll win in both price and taste. Local produce usually tastes better because shorter shipping times …read more