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New York City Now Has an All-Bacon Restaurant

The world has watched silently with fingers crossed, wishing but never daring to hope it would actually happen. As bacon slowly crept into the planetary consciousness, everyone wondered whether the porky slabs of mystical wonderment could sustain a restaurant. Chicago’s Burke’s Bacon Bar answered that question with a resounding, and fatty, yes. Now there is another bacon-based eatery. Ladies and gentlemen, this just may be a trend.

Introducing New York City’s BarBacon, another bar/restaurant that has bacon in the name. This place is stuffed to the brim with its namesake. You want a bacon sandwich? You got it. Feel a hankering for a bacon salad or, uh, bacon-flavored whiskey? Absolutely. Want to spend an inordinate amount of money on a bacon-tasting menu that features all manner of artisanally cured pancetta.

That’s only scratching the sow-rface (sigh.) The restaurant’s menu is packed to the gills with bacon. If you are addicted to the stuff, you are gonna want to head to NYC pronto.

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