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Robots Prepare and Serve the Food at This Chinese Restaurant

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When will the robot overlords finally take over society and lead us into a techno-dystopia? We are three years past the so-called Judgment Day as seen in the Terminator films. Will this just go ahead and happen already? The waiting is making humanity nervous. Well, maybe we won’t have too much longer to wait. Here is a restaurant in which the food is prepared and served by robots.

The Robot Restaurant, which is an appropriate name if there ever was one, is located in China’s Heilongjiang Province. All told the restaurant employs more than twenty bona fide robots, who work as chefs, servers and even entertainment. Yeah. One robot’s job is to sing to customers, to lull them into a lamb-like state as the rest of the robots prepare to take over the world, or at least an episode of Jeopardy.

In all seriousness, it must be noted that thanks to the addition of the robots, the restaurant doesn’t have to hire any actual humans. Yay for unemployment!

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