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Salad of the Month: Valentine’s Day Pink and Red Salad


Chocolate and sweets are the usual Valentine’s Day foods, but it’s also possible to take a savory approach to mark the day, especially if you play with color. Here, the familiar rich red and pink tones of the holiday come through from the vegetables, which get an exotic deep purple background of black rice plus a snowy-white dab of goat cheese.

Black rice cooks up surprisingly light and fluffy, absorbs any flavors easily and goes well with just about anything you add to it. I use white balsamic vinegar here to give the rice a touch of sweetness that pairs beautifully with the tangy fresh goat cheese, bright pickled radishes and slight bitterness of the deep red leaves of treviso. The salad may sound like a few too many steps to consider making on a weeknight, but believe me, once the pickles are made and the rice is cooked, it’s a simple assembly with striking results sure to impress.

Valentine’s Day Pink and Red Salad

Serves 2

For the best pink color, pickle the radishes the day before you want to serve the salad. Both the black rice and the pickled radishes will make more than you’ll need for 2 servings, but the pickles …read more