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The Chef’s Take: Baby Artichoke and Scallion Saute from Deborah Madison


“As far as I’m concerned, vegetables — plant foods in general — are good things to eat and we should eat more of them. That’s as far as we need to go,” says Deborah Madison, the founding chef of Greens, the trailblazing vegetarian restaurant that opened in San Francisco back in 1979. “I am flavor-focused, not nutrition-focused.”

Deborah Madison is America’s premier vegetarian chef and a prolific cookbook author, with ten fruit- and vegetable-centric cookbooks under her belt. Her latest, The New Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone, is an updated version of her bestselling, award-winning tome, Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone.

This preparation for sauteed artichokes and scallions, taken from The New Vegetarian, pairs two spring veggies together in an unfussy, bright saute. “I like artichokes because they are truly a savory vegetable,” Madison explains. “They are not at all sweet or frivolous. They are meaty, their texture is firm and they have plenty flavor.” As for the so-named “baby” variety used in the dish: “They actually grow deep down on the artichoke plant and they don’t get as big because they don’t get much sun,” she says. “The advantage, of course, is that the chokes don’t form, so you don’t have …read more