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When It Comes to Greek Yogurt, Thinking Outside the Bowl

salmon croquettes

Cookbook author Toby Amidor is a registered dietitian, a mother of three and a regular contributor to Healthy Eats – which might just be some kind of nutrition intelligence trifecta. She has long been a fan of Greek yogurt, not only for the flavor but also for the numerous dietary benefits it bestows. Her passion for the tangy ingredient inspired a compilation of over 130 delectable recipes, The Greek Yogurt Kitchen, out this week. Here, she talks about why Greek yogurt has a range that exceeds the usual parfaits and smoothies — although those, of course, are always great too.

Greek yogurt has become a snacking staple, but as your cookbook shows, there turn out to be are so many other ways to use it.
When I tell people that I use Greek yogurt to lighten up brownies or Alfredo sauce, they are pretty surprised. But the versatility of this superstar ingredient goes far beyond that — you really need to think outside the culinary box. Greek yogurt can be used to lighten up a hollandaise sauce for a lighter eggs Benedict, to replace most or all of the mayo in deviled eggs, or in …read more