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Rock This Look: Nadia G Takes On Hipster Style

Calling someone a “hipster” seems like more of an insult than a compliment these days. But if we can look past bulky fedoras, black thick-rimmed glasses and the insistence that a Pabst in hand is an accessory, there is some fun to be had with this fashion trend. Check out G’s look from “Hipster Brunch,” and you’ll be rocking plaid, but avoiding lumberjack comments, in no time!


Plaid can’t be left to only the devices of school uniform designers — or farmers. Rather than decking out head to toe in the trendy print, choose one great piece, like G’s Boy by Band of Outsiders dress in blue plaid. It says “I know what’s cool,” but it doesn’t leave you dealing with sweating in flannel.


Loafers, moccasins and wingtips might be popular with the kids (and their pumped-up kicks), but there’s no way we’re trading in our heels for anyone. We’d much rather rock these Balenciaga suede booties, in any color, or even these Louboutin suede ankle boots. In fact, if you’re rocking a pair of those flat canvas slip-ons, look out. These booties are looking to take back the attention, and they definitely have ours.

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