AKA Wine check! Friends check! Salt air check! The best dang summer salsa you will ever make? Checkity-check!

One August evening a few summers ago, a group of us were at a friend’s house on the water at the south Jersey Shore. As we sat at the beautiful weathered-teak table on the portico, with the sun well on its descent toward the horizon and the rising tide lapping the dock, a friend poured each of us a big glass of a buttery Chardonnay and plunked down a bowl of corn and tomato salsa.

Mouths full, we mumbled, “ohm my gahd dis izh dah besht” and dunked in yet another chip before we’d even finished swallowing our first bite. A few minutes in, we pushed aside the basket of corn chips and got spoons out of the silverware drawer in the kitchen so we could eat right out of the bowl — it was that good. Cold and crunchy. Salty and sweet. Vinegary with heat. Summer in a bowl.

This was my first summer vacation after my celiac diagnosis, and I was still figuring out what I could and couldn’t eat. It was such a pleasure to …read more

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