It’s fall, peak season for sweet, plump, juicy grapes. If you thought grapes were just for snacking, you’re missing out. They’re loaded with fiber, rich in vitamins, and great for sipping, roasting, and baking.

Healthy Attributes
Munching on 1 cup of fresh grapes will provide 60 calories and 1 gram each fiber and protein. These babies are also rich in vitamins and minerals including vitamin K and potassium, plus a hefty dose of potent antioxidants. Various red and white “table” grapes are the most common grocery store variety, but also look for dark purple and tangy concord grapes for making homespun juices and jellies. Sweet and chewy raisins are the best choice for more fiber and iron with 12 percent and 8 percent of the daily requirement per half cup, respectively. Seedless grapes are best for little ones but munching on crunchy grapeseeds provides a dose of heart healthy unsaturated fat.

Ten Ways To Love Grapes

Get more grapes into your recipes in fun and exciting ways.

1. Add to a creamy coleslaw
2. Simmer with pectin for jelly
3. Combine with lean meats like pork
4. Chop and toss with scallion, …read more

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