Resolutions and finally following through with that get-healthy plan are coming in January, but before you commit to a new diet and fitness routine, finish out the year with all the food and booze you can handle.

New Year’s Eve parties are often filled with midnight cheers with champagne and plates of appetizers, but not all shindigs are created equal. If you have classy friends, you may end up at a cocktail soiree, but if you got snowed in during your Christmas visit home and have to attend your parents’ boring “party,” it may be a different story.

Below, we’ve rounded up five types of New Year’s parties you may end up at and the perfect dish — or drink — to bring with you. Let the countdown begin.

The Feast-Centric Shindig

Impress all your foodie friends with this showstopping dessert. Frozen S’mores Pop Chocolate Semifreddo is the perfect way to end the night.

The Cocktail Soiree

Fancy finger food is great, but sometimes all you want is pizza. Bring a gussied-up version, Tiffani Thiessen’s Potato, Goat Cheese, Caramelized Onion and Cherry Tomato Pizza, and then wash it down with a muddled-fruit-and-artisan bitters-filled drink.

The Boring Family Bash

Since your family will likely have only champagne on hand, grab a few ingredients to make the cocktails more fun. Tyler Florence’s Cranberry Kir Royale has cranberry and orange flavors that won’t scare off Grandma, but will help you get through that fifth game of Pictionary.

The Stay-Home-and-Watch-Netflix Night

Whether you’re watching Netflix alone or chilling with someone else, Spinach and Cheese Dip topped with plenty of crunchy bacon is the ultimate pairing. Get all of that cheese and bread in before the resolutions kick in!

The Binge-Drink-Then-Eat-Hangover-Food Day

While you’re drinking, french fries are delicious. The day after when you’re hungover from too much champagne, Kelsey Nixon’s Shoestring Fries with Truffle Aioli are the ideal remedy, so make a double batch. They make a great appetizer before the eggs and bacon you’ll eat at the local diner.

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