shrimp cocktail

For many of us, holiday overeating is a tradition, a ritual that leads to weight gain, not to mention enormous guilt. The good news is, there are plenty of wise food choices at most soirees, so you can enjoy the revelry, nosh on great food, and still feel great in the morning. Here are some strategies to help you navigate any party spread.

1. No Need to Skip the Shrimp: In fact, Shrimp cocktail is, by far, the best cocktail at any party. The low-calorie crustaceans are brimming with protein as well as zinc, a mineral that may boost the immune system (great during cold and flu season). Four large shrimp have just 22 calories and 1/4 gram of fat. Just avoid lots of cocktail sauce (some are loaded with sugar) and dip the shrimp in salsa instead. (Get the recipe for Bobby Flay’s Shrimp Cocktail with Tomatillo Sauce, above, here.)

2. Bring Booty: Ask the party host if you can provide a dish. If the answer is yes, bring something you love that is also healthy and vibrant (such as chicken skewers and/or vegetable skewers, a veggie tray with hummus, or colorful fruit kebabs).

3. Downsize the …read more

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