swordfish kebabs

With Memorial Day around the corner and grill season afoot, these rosemary-skewered swordfish kebabs are just the ticket. Not only are they light and richly flavored, but they also come together in a snap.

Don’t let the unfussy preparation, which involves nothing more complicated than making a citrus-herb marinade, fool you into thinking the fish dish stints on taste. The resulting flavors are nuanced and sophisticated. Rosemary branches that pierce the fish perfume the kebabs, and the swordfish, with texture reminiscent of a steak, stands up to the herb’s signature aroma. Once the smoke from the grill works its way into the mix, the result is bewitching.

“Rosemary is a hard herb,” says Jimmy Bradley, chef and owner of The Red Cat and The Harrison, in New York City, and the author of The Red Cat Cookbook. ”With fish, you usually use soft herbs, like parsley and tarragon, but swordfish is meaty enough so it’s a great combination. Why buy skewers when you can use what you already have?” Bradley first saw herb branches used as skewers in Italy, where he goes to visit family. Back at his restaurants, these fish kebabs might get served with a more-involved pepper salad …read more

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