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Welcome to Funky Recipe, the most groovy online destination, where the beats are as fresh as the cuisine. Chef Myrin New, a culinary master and bass guitar enthusiast, created this website where music and cooking come together to create a symphony of flavors that dance on your palate. Inspired during a jam session amidst the sizzle and chop of a home-cooked meal, Myrin strummed the strings and stirred the pots, blending the rhythms of his bass with the zest of his dishes. That's how Funky Recipe got its soul.

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Yam Colorful Jam

Yam Colorful Jam Love real food, so jam with the yams 1 large Yam1 large Butternut Squash1 large Apple1 stalk Celery1 Yellow Bell Pepper3 Jalepeno...

Funky Turkey-Tuned Veggie Medley

Turkey Bacon as a Seasoning Drizzle 2 slices Turkey Bacon1 small Red Onion1 Bell Pepper - Green1 small Eggplant1 small Apple4...

Zesty Bean Bassline Burst

Citrus -Beans Add a twist to your beans preparation. 1 cup Cranberry Beans1 cup Blackeyed Peas1 cup Lemon Juice In a large...